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  • 全自動高速真空吸塑成型機


    本機適用于各種機械類 食品類 包裝盒的吸塑制作,以及農業類 育秧盤等的吸塑生產

    The machine is suitable for all kinds of packing boxes of mechanical and food industrial,as well as plant plates of agricultural by vacuum forming.

    1  該機型是一種最新機型,采用PLC編程、觸摸屏控制 ,操作簡便直觀。

    This is a kind of new model,it controls by PLC programming touch screen,easy to operate.

    2  機器主體采用氣動、機械、電器相結合,實現了送料、加熱、成型、冷卻、脫模、切邊、計數等自動化連續工作,最大頻率可達4秒一次動作,極大地提高了生產效率。

    The machine body adopts combination of pneumatic, mechanical and electrical appliances.Feeding, heating, shaping, cooling,demoulding cutting,cutting etc. automatic and continuous work,the Max. efficiency can reach to 4 seconds/one time.

    3  針對育苗盤特別改制的輻射瓦加熱設計,每一塊瓦溫度都可單獨調整,即節能又可大大提高產品質量

    For seedling dish special restructuring of radiation tile heating design, every piece of radiation tile, temperature can be adjusted separately, saving energy and can greatly improve the quality of products

    4  加熱箱全封閉設計,使熱能不易散發浪費,大幅度節省電能,與其同類機型節約電能50%以上,采用一控一溫控系統,設有電子電壓調節表控制溫度,溫控精準。

    Heating box with totally enclosed design,it make thermal energy cant be wasted and can save electric energy drastically,compared with similar type to save electrical energy about 50% above.The temperature is controlled by electronic voltage regulating table,make it accurate.

    5  加熱箱單獨開關控制可左右移動,生產時可以隨時調整,以生產出合格產品

    The heating box can move right and left with Separate switch.Customer can adjust momentarily during production in order to product acceptable products.

    6   成型寬度可在450mm710mm之間任意調整。調整采用減速電機帶動,精準省力。

    Forming width can be adjusted by motor,clients can adjust the width between 450mm710mm arbitrarily.

    7   采用伺服電機電動拉片,拉片快速均勻穩定,準確度高。

    Pulling the sheet with Servo motor,it is fast,stable and homogeneous with a high accuracy

    8  氣缸缸徑加大為150mm,桿徑加大為90mm使模上下的平衡度最佳。

    Cylinder diameter of die cylinder increase to 150mm,rod diameter increase to 90mm,making the top and bottom of lower die have a best degree of balance.

    9  特有震動脫??稍?/span>09次之間任意調接,適用于深度大,不易脫模的制品 

    Special Vibration demould can adjust between 0-9 times at will,it is a best choice for product which has big depth and is fragile, difficult to demould.

    10  兩次上??稍诿撃r保護產品不變形,不裂縫

    Two upper die can protect product from deformation and crevice.

    11 上下模均采用電動調節,使操作方便簡潔,動作可靠。

    Upper and lower die adopts electric drive to adjust,which makes the operation convenient and concise,action reliable

    12   高耐磨鋁合金導軌,導軌整體水冷,提高產品質量

    High wear-resisting aluminium alloy guide, guide overall water cooling, improve the quality of products

    13  本機配備有冷風系統及冷水噴霧裝置,在模具不帶水冷卻的情況下可以連續工作,適用于非金屬模具生產。

    This machine have quenching system and cold water mist device,it can work continuously when the mold without water to cold.It is applicable to non-metallic mold production.

    14  本機可根據客戶要求增加和改變各種功能。

     We can add or change various functions according to the request of clients .



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